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Electronic applications at competitive prices!

Are you looking for connectors, backshells and heat-shrinkable products for commercial, industrial or military applications?

We represent the most respected manufactures in the industry such as ITT Cannon, Amphenol, Polamco and Glenair. What sets FA Consulting apart from our competitors is our low prices and high customer service. With reasonable prices, which are up to 50% lower than our competitors, high quality products, and a great knowledge of all our products, we strive to be your go-to distributor no matter how many entities you need – be it just one or 3.500. 

In our wide range of connectors, we offer practically all types such as;

  • Fiber optic connectors for e.g. the medical industries
  • Backwards compatible connectors which enables high data rates
  • Metallic circular connectors with more than 60 pin configurations and 5 shell sizes
  • Bristle brush connectors specifically for military avionics
  • Waterproof connectors for high-speed data transfer


Different needs, different connectors

We offer all kinds of connectors and so whether you need a connector that is water- and explosion proof, resistant to abrasion, corrosion or shock you can be sure that we have it. 
All of our employees are highly experienced and ready to assist you in finding just the right connector among all the connectors the industry has to offer. Throughout our shop you may search our huge inventory of connectors and back-shells and should you need additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us we are happy to help you get just the right connector.